Purrfect Pet Shop

Purrfect Pet Shop

Help and maintain the animal sanctuary


  • Good graphics
  • Nice idea and concept


  • Gameplay gets repetitive
  • Not challenging enough


If you're a pet lover and the thought of an innocent animal going to waste breaks your heart, you might like this game - at least for 10 minutes anyway.

You have to match pets desperate for a home with some owners desperate for a pet. You are given a series of clues from both sides that help you match the perfect pet with the perfect family. Apart from that, you can care for the animals in terms of giving them a bath, a hair cut, taking them for a walk or just giving them some much needed care and attention.

The problem is that the game is not hard enough. Although there are several levels, even the hardest levels isn't that challenging even for kids. The other problem is that the gameplay seems to repeat itself over and over until quite frankly, you lose sympathy with the poor pets and their problems. There are some mildly challenging aspects to the game that kids may enjoy more towards the mid levels but this is one that adults should probably give a wide berth. Other users have suggested Paradise Pet Salon and Fever Frenzy are much more fun in terms of playability and challenge.

In the plus-side, there are some cute graphics and the game at least follows a noble issue but unfortunately, it just doesn't deliver the goods in terms of gameplay.

Purrfect Pet Shop puts you in charge of an animal adoption center, caring for strays as they arrive and matching them with the perfect owner, based on their desired pet traits.

At the same time, nurse your own customizable dog or cat back to health, choosing from thousands of possible combinations. Earn the animal's trust by playing with toys, going on special trips, and more! Use donations to purchase upgrades and special items to keep your adoption center thriving!

Purrfect Pet Shop


Purrfect Pet Shop

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